Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Musical Excursion

      Tomorrow I leave for a brief but sure to be sweet mini-tour with Damages, a hardcore band I drum in originating from Dayton, and Black Kites, a New Jersey band. I played drums in Damages all summer in Dayton as I was finishing up school and I've had a great time.  The forced hiatus due to moving back to Massachusetts has been a drag...We're going to get to reconnect with some bands we played with this summer while we're out over these next few days; it'll be great to see everyone again. 

The Schedule:
Wednesday October 21st Dayton, Ohio
Black Kites/Damages/Colonial/Sok/Others - 214 Shroyer Road 

Thursday October 22nd Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - House Show
Black Kites/Damages/Others TBA

Friday October 23rd Brooklyn, New York - Stolen Sleeves Collective
Black Kites/Damages/The Men/Rational Animals

Saturday October 24th Amherst, Massachusetts - Hampshire College
Black Kites/Damages/Relics/Coerced

Sunday October 25th New Brunswick, New Jersey - Ask Somebody House
Black Kites/Damages/Stressed Out (Last Show)

Needless to say I'm excited for all of this. Also: Just got a deal on a nice ride cymbal off craigslist to replace my embarrassingly destroyed current ride cymbal situation.  

I got a backpack, sleeping bag, cymbals, sticks, and a skateboard.