Thursday, June 18, 2009

Robert Greenwald's Rethink Afghanistan Campaign

Robert Greenwald and Brave New Film's have been working hard on their Rethink Afghanistan campaign to bring about more public awareness to the staggering toll the war has taken on Afghanistan's innocent civilian population. Most people's connection with the war seems to be through mainstream media sources or the stories they catch in the newspaper which, while providing content relating to military causalities and Taliban deaths, hardly ever delve into the grim reality of the civilian death toll.

Rethink Afghanistan Part 4

It's the elephant in the room that people refuse to recognize or simply just lack a real grasp of: We are murdering thousands of innocent people. Yes, we all know the old caveat "war is hell", but that shouldn't act as a blanket statement of comfort for the American people (let alone the Afghani people).

When does this end? It's not like some day we're going to kill the last member of the Taliban and they will become some sort of figment of history. As long as we keep making their country resemble the surface of Mars, we will continue to do the Taliban's recruiting for them. We're fighting a war against intangible enemy fueled by ideology that thrives in its' underdog status. Theres got to be a more effective way to curtail them because the current method is not working. There is no justice here. No liberation. Just annihilation

If we want to rid Afghanistan of as much terrorism as we can, then we must change the approach. All of the money that we funnel into guns, bombs, tanks, and body armor could be spent on rebuilding their country, feeding them, clothing them, et cetera. These are all things that would GREATLY improve America's image in the eyes of the average Afhangi citizen, because after all, that's what we really are trying to acomplish here.
The numbers are staggering. 235,000 people are living in tents in camps because of U.S. airstrikes that have obliterated their homes and jobs. People are starving to death. Everyday that this continues, more and more people in Afghanistan join up with the Taliban because they are fed up with America trying to liberate them with bombs.

The equation is seemingly simple one: The more we do to ruin the lives of Afghani citizens, no matter how inadvertent or noble we thought our intentions to be, we will continue to the hearts and minds and strengthen the Taliban's motives and reasoning.

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